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A D&D actual-play podcast following a group of high schoolers who don't know what they're getting themselves into.

GM: @creativevoidgal

Editor: @fallow

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[formerly known as Ashtonvilla High]

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By Suns And Stars | Ep 1: Start of a Long Year [A Dangerous Little Game]

Meet our protagonists in a slice-of-life style prologue before it all goes to pieces. And it does. Seriously what were you expecting.

[episode list] / [content warnings] / [transcript (wip)]

Note: The transcript is not, as of me typing this, finished. This is because I (fallow) have a lot on my plate already with editing the episodes and can't exactly cover everything myself. However we do want our story to be as accessible as possible. My kinda halfway solution is this: The document is open for others to work on, so if you have some spare time an energy/want to lend a hand go right on ahead and start transcribing! And if not that's chill too.

In any case, hope you enjoy!

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( we're glad you like it!!! =D )

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the first episode is up!!! i'm very excited to share this story with everyone, if all goes well i should be posting the second episode next week =D

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